Les Roulottes du Sud Vendée, an unusual horse-drawn ride in Vendée

Les Roulottes du Sud  ...

Travel the roads of the south of Vendée and discover the charm of the countryside through an extraordinary stay, in a caravan pulled by a draft horse. Nature, pleasure, exchange and relaxation are available at any time of the year for a moment of pure happiness in contact with the animal. Located in Saint-Hermine, 20 minutes from Luçon and 50 minutes from Puy-du-Fou, Roulottes du Sud Vendée have unforgettable memories in store for you to bring back from your getaway in Vendée.

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Les Roulottes du Sud Vendée, comfortable accommodation for staying on the roads in Vendée

Each horse-drawn trailer has its specificity to accommodate 4 to 6 people in an optimized space. Gas stove with 2 burners, kitchen utensils, storage, table, bench and modular bedding with a large bunk and a foam mattress, you have all the equipment necessary to cook and rest after a great day of hiking. Red, green, yellow and blue, Les Roulottes du Sud Vendée are perfect for going on an adventure with family, friends or lovers, and sharing good moments of complicity with the horse happy to accompany you.

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Unforgettable stays with a horse and the Roulottes du Sud Vendée

You will be amazed by the nature that is discovered before your eyes to the rhythm of the horse's footsteps. In the heart of the countryside, the routes are quiet to allow you to enjoy the song of birds and the sound of water that appear at the bend of a path. The expeditions offered are from 2 days to 7 days, during the weekend or short stays, ideal for getting away for as long as you want on the roads of the south of Vendée. Rest assured, you will not be isolated since bakeries, pharmacies, convenience stores and press outlets cross your path. The Roulottes Sud Vendée team also remains available and reachable at any time, a security appreciated by the coachmen of the day. Take the time and enjoy, you can even go for a hike, a bike ride or go for a little jog before continuing.

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A typical day of horse-drawn caravan rides in Vendée

Even if you were not born a coachman, you can definitely take the reins to travel the roads of the south of Vendée. Kind, patient and attentive, the whole team will do their utmost to teach you how to take care of your horse, and how to handle it. Harnessing, harnessing, guiding, feeding or brushing your equine, all this will no longer hold any secrets for you after a morning spent alongside a real coachman. Then it's up to you to play for a 2-hour ride before lunch, then another 2 hours in the afternoon. On the road, you will come across relay points equipped with water points, toilets with showers, microwaves, fridges and freezers to keep you satisfied. Catering at a local's home is possible, as is booking meals with a caterer if you don't feel like cooking. Of course, the horse also has a privileged space to rest before setting off again on the roads of the south of Vendée.

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Les Roulottes du Sud de la Vendée, unmissable walks for young and old

In addition to horse-drawn caravans for stays of several days, the Roulottes du Sud de la Vendée have open carts with a capacity of 10 people , pulled by a horse. Whether it is a school, an association, a club or a group of children for a birthday, you can reserve your day for a maximum of 60 people who will take turns. Let yourself be guided by the sound of hooves and a professional coachman who takes you for a ride, before showing you how to thank the animal that pulled you. Exchange, gentleness, relaxation and good humor are your companions of the moment alongside Percherons delighted to take you for a walk.

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Les Roulottes du Sud de la Vendée, unusual weddings in a carriage

Who has never dreamed of experiencing a wedding worthy of a fairy tale with its pretty golden carriage and its immaculate white horses? Make your wishes come true with Roulottes du Sud de la Vendée, which offers you a vintage caravan and two magnificent Percherons, Hurus and Salto, for an extraordinary magical moment. Docile and kind, they give you time to appreciate these newlywed moments, and proudly pose for pretty photos. Experience an unusual day and an atypical wedding in Vendée surrounded by horses, you will amaze your guests.

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