What to do in winter in Vendée?

What to do in winter  ...

The Vendée coastline, with its pine forests, beaches and maritime vegetation, does not change much in the landscape during the winter. The temperature in Vendée in winter remains very pleasant, you will appreciate beautiful lights to highlight the ocean and inland panoramas. Visit charming towns and villages, take advantage of the natural sites , architecture, small shops and restaurants of Vendée and weekly markets to taste Vendée specialties, but without tourist crowds! The Vendée in winter is a really pleasant destination for those who love nature and authenticity!

Photos of the article, see under the photos. Opening photo: Les Sables d'Olonne in winter, Olivier / Adobe Stock

Stroll on the beach, in the forest or the Vendée bocage

Winter beach walks are magical! Feeling the spray whipping your face, filling up on iodine (it's good for your health!) walking around freely without slaloming between the towels... The attendance is minimal and the pleasure is maximum. Walk in the forest? It's the same thing, on the small towns of the retro-coastal, you will enjoy superb walks with friends or family. The pine forests remain very green and the trees with leaves are bare, to offer beautiful breakthroughs of light. Take advantage of the sun's rays as soon as they come out, with a good jacket, boots if necessary and a thermos of hot drink, clementines and shortbread cookies for an improvised snack on the go! Good memories in perspective for all!

The 10 most beautiful beaches of Vendée also await you in winter to discover them from a new angle. In Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, along the ledge, it's a treat, on a windy day you can see the waves crashing against the fragmented coast. At Pointe d'Arçay, at La Faute-sur-Mer, you may come across wild birds, don't forget your binoculars! Stroll all year round in the Forest of Mervent, 5000 hectares of wild nature to serve you.

Read our article on the most beautiful hikes to do in Vendée and find plenty of routes for your Sunday outings!

La tranche sur mer pontoon ride
Walk to La Tranche sur Mer Photo Jef 77 / Adobe Stock

Discover the joys of shore fishing

Take advantage of the high winter tides to discover the joys of shore fishing! Shellfish and crustaceans, feet in the wet sand (with boots). You only need very little equipment, even a spoon and a bucket will be enough to have fun! Find out about the regulations in force for catches (there are sizes to respect). Pay close attention to the tide times so as not to be caught by the water, which sometimes rises very quickly!

The good idea: Read our article on shore fishing in Vendée to become a real pro!

fishing on foot vendee
Fishing on foot in the Vendé, even in winter! Photo Thomas Pajot / Adobe Stock

Go for a walk in the market

The weekly markets are a source of joy, good food and warm encounters all year round. If you don't have time to go there during the summer, take advantage of the Vendée markets in winter. You will find all the gastronomic specialties of the Vendée, to be discovered also in the restaurants of the Vendée, to please you, to offer you a moment of relaxation without cooking.

Market stall in winter
Going to the market in winter is great. Photo Ralf Geithe/Adobe Stock

On the way to the oyster huts!

Oysters you know, they are said to be delicious in R months (September to March). Winter is the perfect season to go and sit warmly dressed on the seaside terrace of an oyster shack in Vendée. A platter of seafood or oysters in front of you, a delicious glass of dry white wine in your hand, here you are like Queens and Kings! Consult our selection of oyster farmers in Vendée but also our report on Les Viviers de Sions, a real institution for buying your seafood in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez!

Guyau oysters in Vendée

Guyau Oysters, in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire

Going for a swim in the sea in winter, or a swim in the pool?

Some swimming pools and aquatic complexes remain open in winter. For those who can't get a foot in the water in winter! Try it anyway with a combination, why not start with a coast course? A very fashionable activity which consists of simply walking in rhythm and in a group, along the beach, but IN THE WATER! Laughter, bodybuilding and iodized massages guaranteed. Always be extra careful when swimming in the ocean in winter!

To swim in the pool in the Vendée in winter, a few addresses remain open, such as the Aqua°bulles Aquatic Center in Saint-Fulgent, the Aqualonne Aquatic Center as well as the embankment swimming pool in Les Sables d'Olonne, the Pays de Pouzauges, the Le Cap Aquatic Complex in La-Roche-sur-Yon, the Bretonnière swimming pool in Montaigu.

Winter is a good season for surfing! Surfers know it, they have perfect neoprene wetsuits to face the waves without getting cold, while enjoying great motor skills! Discover the Surf Spots of the Vendée.

Winter ocean swimming
Swimming in winter, enjoy but be careful! Photo Eloi / Adobe Stock

Take care of yourself

And if you go to a hammam or a spa? Treat yourself to a massage or a meditation or yoga session? Winter is the season of cocooning where we slow down, we take care of ourselves to be in good shape when spring returns!

The good idea: Go to the institute La Beauté d'Anne C in Aizenay. Beauticians are there to take care of you. A beautiful setting, soothing scents, a moment out of time... The Rabelais Hotel invites you to discover its Spa institute "1 time for yourself". Body treatments, sauna, massages, gym and sensory shower. A time for you or with friends?

Visits to towns and charming villages in the Vendée

We walk on the beach, but also in the charming towns and villages of the Vendée! If you are near the sea, know that the seaside resorts of Vendée are pleasant all year round! They are of course much less crowded than in the summer season, some activities are not yet available, but the small shops, businesses and beautiful landscapes are still there. The atmosphere is relaxed, we enjoy…

Visit Fontenay-le-Comte, labeled "Town and Country of Art and History". Also visit Vouvant and its Mélusine Tower, it is a Small City of Character.

We have prepared an article for you on the Most Beautiful Villages of Vendée and it also works for winter walks!

Visit Fontenay-le-Comte
Visit Fontenay-le-Comte Photo: Charline Prod'Homme

A little sport and games?

For climbing, racket games, interactive games, to take children to have fun in an adapted and secure sports complex and all that indoors, Red Zone is a place to know! Located in Challans, there is even a delicious restaurant to make a real day out with a meal break or treat yourself after a moment of sport with family or friends.

Also discover in La Roche-sur-Yon, PlayBox , a place for bouldering and indoor sports. 3000m2 of fun activities for everyone, young and old. A trampoline park, sandy rooms for ball games like at the beach, squash and badminton, and here too a place to eat in a qualitative way.

Ludylab in Chanverrie, is a space dedicated to virtual reality. It's actually a very diverse place where you can test your drone pilot skills, try all kinds of interactive experiences with arcade machines and various types of games.

Fun Bowling 85 welcomes you to Les Herbiers for a frenzied game of Laser Game. Tactics, sport, thinking and good cardio will be needed to hold your opponents high! On site, a bowling alley with 10 modern lanes and a room with arcade games.

So that your children have fun all day, we recommend that you go to SafariKid's 85, in Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais. A colorful place, with inflatable structures, spaces for urban ball games, interactive games, the possibility of celebrating a birthday too. Children's fun first!

We wish you a great discovery of the Vendée in Winter!

Red Zone

The RedZone climbing wall (photo RedZone)

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